OZ Town Series

Presented by Bike School Bentonville in conjunction w/ Ozark Outdoor Foundation

(Bentonville, AR) January 2023 – Bike School Bentonville, Ozark Outdoor Foundation in conjunction with OZ announce the fourth season of mountain bike short track racing in Northwest Arkansas. Started and produced by Nat Ross and known in North America as the Town Series, this community mountain bike event returns with weekly races starting on Thursday, March 30th and continuing each Thursday (weather dependent) for five consecutive weeks. The race venue is located at the Ironhead property off Ford Springs Road east of Slaughter Pen trail system.  Chris Drummond and Nat Ross design specific courses for each week therefore pre-riding is not available until the day of event.

Open to all ages and abilities, the 1-mile MTB circuit course suits all:  junior riders, NICA Student Athletes, Women’s A, B, C and Men’s A, B & C riders/racers. E-Bike Category again this year.

The OZ Town Series presented by Bike School Bentonville gives the community a taste of different racing forms and increases your time spent on a bike. Come join us, get a jump start on your summer fitness, and, most importantly, have a blast with like minded individuals who also love to ride!



  • Online registration closes the night before the race at 12:15 am.
  • Onsite registration closes 30 minutes before the start time of the category.
  • Race plates will be reused for the series. If we need to reissue you a new race plate, it will be a $5 charge
  • Dinner will not be available onsite this year, but hydration/beverages will be on-site.


Start Times & Race Duration
for STXC (Short Track Race 1,2,4,5):

4:00 - 5:00 pm - Day of Registration Opens, Course open for pre-ride

Time Category Race Length/ Laps Number Series
5:00 Women’s C 2 laps about 10 min. 200-249 (Sunset color plate)
5:00:30 Junior Boys 13-18 3 laps about 20 min. 250-299 (Sunset)
5:01 Junior Girls 13-18 3 laps about 20 min. 660-699 (Yellow)
Junior 9-12 3 laps about 20 min. 445-459 (Red)
5:25 Mens C 3 laps about 20 min. 630-659 (Yellow)
Men’s E-Bike 460-499 (Red)
5:50 Men’s B 4 laps about 25 min. 500-560 (Yellow)
6:20 Women’s B 4 laps about 25 min. 600-629 (Yellow)
Women’s E-Bike 3 laps about 20 min. 430-445 (Red)
6:45 Men’s A 6 laps 30 min. 1-74 (Green)
6:45 Women’s A 6 laps 30 min. 1-74 (Green)
(30 seconds after Men’s A)