BSB Enduro Team

Bentonville Enduro

BSB Enduro Team

Overall goals:
Build a diverse team of riders of all ages and genders to race the AES Bentonville race Oct 1st/2nd.
Create a fun, positive and supportive race team
Create a positive racing experience for riders, whether you are new to enduro style racing or not

What we provide for the team:
Pre-game style meeting with team

One practice session with coaching specific to enduro style riding

Fully guided pre-ride day by coach

Team pit area with drinks and snacks

Discount entry to Bentonville Enduro

Team Jersey

Cost: $200

Ages 14 and Up

  • Team Meeting Day - September 10
    -roughly 3 hours total duration
    -meet your teammates
    -discuss our overall goals as a team
    -discuss proper safety gear and equipment needed for racing enduro
    -discuss hydration/nutrition for race weekend
    -discuss bike setup
    -discuss the enduro racing format and what to expect race weekend
  • Team Practice day - September 24
    -4 hour session
    -on trail instruction with specific skill development for enduro style riding
    -ideal locations either Handcut Hollow or The Castle area (if it is open by then)
    -session rock gardens, corners, steep descents, g-outs as well as cover basic riding techniques such as braking and body positioning
  • Team Pre-ride day - September 30
    -we will pre-ride as much of the course as possible on the Friday pre-ride day
    -we will discuss aspects of the course and proper racing tactics
    -expect to ride approx 4-6 hours total
  • Race Day - October 1-2

-team tent with snacks, drinks
-group riding

Coach Bobby Parker


Bio Coming Soon

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