Bike School Bentonville
Coaching With Us

Bike School Bentonville
Coaching With Us

Coaching Approach

We take the same approach with coaches as we do with our athletes - we are interested in whole person development and bio-psycho-social well being. We want to help people achieve their potential and build skills (on and off the bike) that will last a lifetime. We are committed to the ongoing development of our coaches and will have continuing education regularly.

We are creating a think tank for mountain bike coaching - a coaching center of excellence. We take a collaborative approach, working together to solve coaching problems and push the industry forward while creating life-changing experiences for the participants in our classes.


Our Coaches

Interested in Coaching With Us?

We are hiring first for our Trail Kids program and spring break and summer camps - that will be working with kids 5-13 so that they have FUN, build skills, and build confidence in themselves on and off the trails. We know the coaching job will grow over time. What we know about it for the Spring of 2024:

  • It will be afternoons / evenings, weekends, and school breaks (when kids are out of school!)
  • Hours can/will increase over time but will start with about 4-10 hours/week (4 hours during the week, the rest of those hours will be dependent on weekend participation)
  • Junior coaches need to be 16 or over.

Trail KidS

Coaching Requirements

  • CPR/First Aid
  • Safe Sport Training
  • Concussion Training
  • Bike School Bentonville Skills Instruction Training
  • BICP Level 1, PMBIA Level 1, or NICA Level 3 Coach
    (Some certifications may be available through Bike School Bentonville)

Junior Coaching Requirements

  • Concussion Training
  • CPR/First Aid
  • Safe Sport Training

To Apply

Here's a link to the job description.

Please send resume and cover letter to [email protected]. Make sure your submission includes:

  • Riding and racing experience
  • Coaching and teaching experience (mtb and other things)
  • Relevant and irrelevant education, certifications, etc.
  • Why you want to work for Bike School Bentonville


We have fun on and off the bike.



We do things better together. We serve one another. We keep our priorities in check.



We give our best effort every day. We help people achieve their potential.



We show up to learn every day, we serve each other and treat all people with respect.


Responsible Progression

Athlete-centered, developmentally appropriate


Coaching Philosophy

Relationships are the most important.

Reflection is what leads to growth.

We give our best every day.

Confidence is the goal.


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